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Plinth LPC-04

  • Brand: Cezar
  • Product Code: LPC-04
  • Sku: W-LS-LPC-04 -101-200
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Main specifications
All specifications
Weight (mm): 2000
Height (mm): 49.5
Depth (mm): 14
Weight (kg): 0.445
Color: Matt white

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Duropolymer skirting LPC-04.
This is the lowest baseboard of the Elegance collection, which has equal sides. So, despite the fact that the dimensions are rather modest, in its form this model gives the impression of a reliable foundation for the wall. This is especially emphasized by the convex outer side.

ELEGANCE skirting board is a new product that has quickly won the hearts of even the most demanding customers.


In addition to the elegant shape, duro-polymer skirting has many additional advantages, among which, for example, the ability to paint the plinth in any color or the same as the wall. In this case, the baseboard looks like an integral part of the wall.


Another advantage of this type is the resistance of the plinth to moisture, it is not affected at all by even prolonged contact with water or moisture.


According to the elegant form of duro-polymer skirting boards, the options of which are several dozen, you can safely mask the cables for the home network, as well as the limbs of wallpaper.


Duropolymer skirting boards are the most environmentally friendly choice among similar materials from other materials. These skirting boards can be installed even in children's rooms. They do not absorb odors and do not require additional processing.


Duro molding skirting is very light and at the same time very durable. This is one of the types of skirting boards, which is almost impossible to damage either furniture or any other external impact.


The ELEGANCE skirting boards are easy to fit and assemble, while the joints are completely invisible. Slitting at an angle of 45 degrees, skirting boards can be placed even in small gaps between the door trim and the corner of the wall.
They are fastened to the wall with the help of quick-drying creative glue for stucco decoration.

Tags: duropolymer

Plinth options
Weight (mm) 2000
Height (mm) 49.5
Depth (mm) 14
Weight (kg) 0.445
Color Matt white
Price per pc
Brackets glue
Package (pc) 40
Weight of packing (kg) 19.51
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