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White english

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Main specifications
All specifications
Usage: construction, without restrictions
Weight (mm): 2440
Height (mm): 110
Shelf life: unlimited
Depth (mm): 16

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MDF plinth White english.
Model of mdf-plinth White english, a classic design that has not lost its popularity for years. This applies to most Plintus.ua models of plinths-mdf. White english distinguishes among others the barely noticeable wooden texture covered in white. Such a plinth looks incredibly good with a wall with a uniform, monochrome texture. The White english model is recommended to be mounted on special wall mounts. They are also sold at Plintus.ua.

Plintus.ua offers a new collection of MDF skirting boards made of environmentally friendly material.
Features of MDF production technology are that this material is made of dried wood fibers treated with binder formed in the form of a plate with subsequent hot pressing, and grinding. The main binding element of the fibers is lignin, which is released from the wood during heating.

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Plinth options
Weight (mm) 2440
Height (mm) 110
Depth (mm) 16
Color White
Price per pc
Package (pc) 8
Usage construction, without restrictions
Shelf life unlimited
Storage conditions in a dry, closed room
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Unique texture plinth-MDF
Specially made for PLINTUS.UA modern models of MDF skirting boards, with unique textures for your home
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Unique texture plinth-MDF